How You Can Build Your Confidence Through Drama

Fem Talks Forum - 28/10/2021

Acting helps to improve your self-confidence by tackling these common worries:

  • Making mistakes.
  • Feeling the  judgment of others.
  • Not being good enough.
  • Talking to others.
  • The unknown.

Low confidence is often associated with quietness and shy tendencies, something that drama challenges, forcing you to change and improving self-confidence. Within drama classes participants learn a range of different methods to help them perform which can then be applied to their everyday lives. Once you gain the confidence to perform, you will also gain confidence in going about your daily interactions, helping you to advance as an individual and fulfil your potential.

Methods in drama that participants can then transfer to the real world 

Breathing techniques which help participants to speak with more clarity helping others understand their points with ease. Deep breaths and sow breaths help you focus and project your voice more powerfully. Breathing techniques can calm the nervous system and bring your blood pressure down.

They might also explore how to project their voices enough to fill a room allowing participants to sound more certain of themselves when they speak.

‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ and approaching situations as if you were a self-confident person is useful, even if you believe you are not  confident e.g. giving a fake smile, to make it seem you’re sure of what you are saying.

Guidance and improvements on body language. By having to use all parts of your body to act,  drama may help improve your physical appearance allowing participants to appear and feel more confident when communicating with others in real life. So for example you might experiment with being more upright or taking up more space to assert yourself.

The Meisner Technique

This technique helps actors get out of their heads and focus on the present, thereby removing attention away from themselves and towards features of others e.g what they are saying, wearing and doing and actively looking  to complement these features which can  help them to refrain from dwelling on internal thoughts. This technique can be applied to the real world in order to increase self-confidence by focusing on external features and chatting about them to ignore the voices inside your head, helping to remove hesitations.

The Stanislavski System

This technique focuses on emotional recall where you try to bring to life the emotion currently needed through recalling upon your memory. Once you identify the emotional experience that best fits your current emotion you must then express yourself using the exact emotions that you felt during that previous experience. This technique can then be applied to your self-confidence by recalling an instant in which you felt particularly confident. You focus on that positive feeling in the present moment now, recalling all the rich detail which puts you in a more confident frame of mind and state.

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