Fem Talks Forum - 02/08/2021

One of the learners of the FemTalks programme was Livia, a Brazilian born woman who moved to the United Kingdom in 2016. Livia has studied journalism and is now looking to make a career change by specialising in communication. Her new passion and inspiration has helped her embark on this alternative route in journalism. Livia is actively involved in the local community and has an adventurous spirit. She enjoys exploring new places and finding exciting spots to visit.

She is now on an entrepreneurial journey; she offers services for marketing guidance and has started her own online networking events to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs. She is in the process of writing her own book, filled with stories of migrant women living here in the U.K. What's more, she is also known for her Instagram blog account ‘Living In Sheffield’ where she blogs about places to go and her own experiences. With 5,000 followers, she has a high reach which allows her to continue to network and fulfil her passion and dreams.

Livia decided to join the FemTalks project as she wanted to feel more encouraged to work on her goals, she wanted to go further with her aspirations. She also wanted to improve her confidence. As a result of the project, Livia has improved a wide range of skills including confidence, critical thinking, communication, motivation, and many others.

Reflecting on her journey in the Circles, she felt she had benefited from the project as she had started to feel much more confident in a professional and personal way. She mostly enjoyed getting to know more about herself and reflecting on her own journey and achievements. Livia found hearing other women’s stories very inspirational and empowering. Lastly, she stated that she “started to believe more in my own capacity and schedule tasks more efficiently.”

Posted in Testimonials on Aug 02, 2021

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