Our final update: last but not the least …

Fem Talks Forum - 13/10/2021

The project "FemTalks Forum" has come to an end. The planned actions are completed, the reports are produced, the documentation is delivered, the monthly meetings and periodic calls finished.

The partners are full of energy as a result of the past 3 years. The beauty of the stories shared by our project participants is not over. The desire to see each other - the colleagues who worked together over the past 3 years -  is not over. We continue to celebrate the project results online.

(The photos confirm this!)

Once again, thanks to Inova Consultancy Ltd for its management and strength to support us in challenging times, in the midst of the pandemic.

Thanks to Elan Interculturel for their effort on the documents and for their belief that we can do this training... and the diversity is an added value. 

Thanks to InterACT and Artemissziò because they really knew how to get involved and created online training for a theatre workshop that needs contact ... We really did it and it worked well. 

Thanks to Odissee for the platform, we are proud to show it and we get inspired by the stories shared on the website. A website that presents also our project. 

Thanks to Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes, our external evaluator, who supported us along the way to succeed in this project. 

Thanks also to Materahub and #Reteteatro41 for accepting this challenge to participate in FemTalks in Italy, a project which has given so much to the women who participated in it... including me.  

Posted in Newsletters on Oct 13, 2021

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