Fem Talks Forum - 02/08/2021

My name is Prisca Mmadu from Nigeria and I live in Austria with my family. I am married and I have two kids. I studied Microbiology in Nigeria and I want to continue with Master Studies in Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology. I like to connect to people, especially those from different socio-cultural backgrounds; I am curious and always ready to explore new things.

Currently I am occupied with household work, but I look forward to continuing my studies soon. I have many challenges here in Austria particularly as a student and a young mum. Some of these challenges include learning German to a study level, speaking and understanding German, studies and family time management, friendship making and also dealing with racial differences from the society.

The Fem Talks Forum project with its interesting programs like Forum Theatre, FemTalks Forum Circles and Digital Storytelling has benefited me and so many other migrant women. During the Forum Theatre we expressed ourselves through movements and play. It was an interactive and communicative gathering which helped us to present our challenges as migrant women here in Austria. We played these problems as theatre scenes and analysed them. The FemTalks Forum Circles with its mind mapping possibilities and Smart goal method helped me and the other participants to make a small positive step towards our big targets. Digital Storytelling gave us the opportunity to tell our stories to the world which was fun filled for us.

Personally, these programs strengthened and empowered me not to give up in my career, not to be afraid of trying again even when I fail, and also to believe in my abilities.


Posted in Testimonials on Aug 02, 2021

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