Fem Talks Forum - 02/08/2021

At the end of the second online theatre process, we asked our group about what they bring with them from the common work. These are some thoughts they shared.

“I think individually we are in a situation where we discover about ourselves, a lot of things, and those situations actually help us to learn and gain new skills. Through this workshop I think it was a reminder for me to self-reflect, through the activities we did, role play and the scenes. I really enjoyed that, I think this is my biggest takeaway, that how I react or how I will. Maybe someone else would do that, because we never think about how the other person might react to the situation. This reflection point was a great learning point. Thank you, both. I would like to participate more, if there is another stage of the workshop for that.” (M.)

“For the dynamics, it is very hard online sometimes. For me the best takeaway is the feeling of building something together. We came from different countries, different languages, different cultures, and we built something together. And the most important thing is to try to understand the motivation for me. Because I was working with the bad characters and trying to feel how they feel about that, why they react like that. Maybe we can empathize, feel some compassion for whoever is like that, because maybe they are suffering, they are frustrated, they are isolated.” (S.)

“I have many takeaways. I've used to work with roleplay and drama for other setups. Either business environment or with other methodologies in therapy. … I really liked that although we were not in the same room we got so close and I think that the quality of the stories and the content of the stories really testifies to this closeness, through play. … So my first takeaway is that not everything has to be serious. You can play and still do serious work. There isn't one solution for everyone. So I have a tendency to be a fixer and to try to help people with the solution that I have with my experience, but I have to pay more attention to what it is the person actually needs and how the person would solve it. … The other one is a wonderful group of women which I hope to meet someday soon.” (G.)

“I would also like to say thank you to everyone and I was happy to be part of this group. And I also feel like I've learned a lot and it was kind of therapy for me too, to open up about feelings and things with other people and I also realised how important is the body language and the connections to our bodies and how we feel, especially when we have that exercise to make a statue. I think it was the third session. And so my statue was a little bit about anxiety or feeling held back and I felt also like the statue and I realized like really we are so much connected to our bodies with the emotion. The only thing I missed would be more dance or body practices, but I understand that in online space it doesn't work so much. But still I'm happy I could participate and I would join other programs if there is a possibility.” (A.)

Posted in Testimonials on Aug 02, 2021

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