Success Stories

  • Edith - Austria
    For me the big challenge was to learn and understand the foreign language, to understand the people and how they deal with each other. It made me curious!

  • Ghada - France
    I was lucky to understand that there were associations that helped women and foreingners, and I often turned to them because it was really a recourse and a relief!

  • Anon - Hungary
    The most important thing is to help others!

  • Luzia - Hungary
    Whatever you are going through. It's okay!

  • Anita - Italy
    Learning the language is fundamental for the success. Knowing the language gives the opportunity to be autonomous!

  • Magda - Italy
    My migration experience helped me a lot with setting my own project. You have to be flexible, outgoing, to think out of the box and to not be afraid to leave your comfort zone!

  • Livia - UK
    I see integration as a positive way of thinking because if you don't integrate you get lost!